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Do You Like Three or More?

I'm speaking of a nice menage scenario of course! We are at Hitting the Hotspot, after all. Coming soon from Total-E-Bound Publishing will be a super-hot menage anthology called All Together Now. I have to confess to a particular excitement over this one since my story, "The Perfect Third", will be included in this steamy collection.

I think what I find to be the most interesting thing about menage stories is the challenge in creating a plausible scenario. We all suspend disbelief regularly when reading paranormals and many other fictional situations; but what makes us really fall in love with characters and their fantastical situations, is that the author has done a great job at building a world that makes some sort of sense. Even if we absolutely know that this would never, ever happen in real life, the fun is when you find that story that makes you believe. It's that moment when we as readers go, "Oh, okay. I can see how that could happen if Alice fell down a very long rabbit hole. Cool!"

I feel that same challenge when writing a menage, because it's also a romance. It's super simple to write an erotica scenario with a menage or more set-up, and then everyone gets together for a quick, one-time tumble. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But my characters tend to really care about one another, and are fighting obstacles to be together like in any other romance. It's just that they are also trying to figure out how to make it work with more than one person. Or three. Dare I say four or five???? That can be particularly tricky with a menage or more situation. How often do you meet someone and they say, "I'd like you to meet my partners - we're all together now." Then there are the physical logistics. But I must confess to something else here: the possibilities are endless! That is why I love writing menage; one can try out so many new and unusual combinations. *wink*

How about you? Do you like menage or more? What is it about a fantastic menage or more romance that keeps you coming back for more? Keep a lookout for All Together Now, out on May 7th.

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