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Help! She's Researching Me!

A couple of months ago I posted on how my long-suffering husband has to listen to all my weird literary research questions, no doubt wondering "What kind of mind thinks of these things?"

But this month it occurred to me that there are two kinds of literary research - theoretical and practical. And, as an erotic romance writer, they can't be all bad, surely?

"Is it possible for a man to get hard again five minutes after coming?"

"What's the best position to be in if there's a camera at the end of the bed?"

"I need to know how it works in this position - can we try?"

My husband is not the kind of man to shy away from new activities in the bedroom, but his imagination usually sticks at the three same points - "anal", "threesome" and "install a pole in the attic". I'm pretty sure I've seen an expression somewhere between resignation and terror when I've made another of my suggestions, or asked which part of the body is most likely to knock off the rear-view mirror during car sex. (I always thought you'd kick it off, but he thought it'd be my rear end. I don't know if that applies to everyone or if it's just that I have a substantial arse.)

I bet he complains about this to his friends. "Your wife only wants sex once a month? You don't know you're born. You wouldn't believe the position mine bent me into last night - and then she spent ten minutes taking notes."

Oh, poor hard-done-by man. Maybe tonight I'll give him a real treat. "I'll tell you what, honey - let's do it your way tonight. Let's just sleep." :)


Rachel Randall said...

This really made me laugh. I have such trouble not asking my male friends all sorts of very personal research questions ;)

Tanith Davenport said...

Glad you liked :) I may post another time about my gay male best friend, who is a very useful source of information.