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The Latest Vampire at The Point.

Hi all, wow, doesn't a month fly past quickly? Well it's the Monthly day of Blisse at Hitting the Hotspot again and today is also the Release day for Point Vamp Book 3! It's called The Vampire's Choice, here's the blurb:

I'm going to introduce you to the new vampire on the block, well, if you've read the other two books in the series you already know him a little. Our Kyle is one of a band of three friends who recently became vampires. He's the most naive of the group and even as a vampire he's the one you'd most like to take home to your parents. He's just so sweet.

He lives at home with his God-fearing Granny and is scared stiff of telling her that he is in fact undead. He still works at the supermarket with his two best mates, Josh (the star of Stopping Point) and Steve and his life is pretty much unchanged. Well apart from the regular visits to The Point, the sex with strange girls and  drinking blood to live thing.

But his afterlife gets turned upside down when he meets one particularly icy customer called Janine. Fancy reading about how they met? Okay for you here's a snippet from their very first interaction at The Point.

I loved my Gran. She was the best. It wasn’t that bad being a vampire. I’m glad I found out about The Point early on, though. That bar saved my skin a time or two. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered it. Starved to death, probably. There’s no way on God’s green Earth that I would have been able to kill someone, even if I did need their blood to live myself.

The ten second rule worked well, and there were always willing victims at The Point. I thought it was a bit sleazy at first, approaching a woman, offering her money then taking her off into one of the back rooms for sex, an orgasm and a ten second sucking, but then I met Janine. It was not a fairy tale beginning. I stood on her toe and in reaction she poured her drink down my front.

“Oh, I am sorry,” I flustered. “Are you all right?”

Her frosty look was not just down to the colour of her eyes but the emotion behind it. If my blood had been heated she would have frozen it in my veins. I have never seen such blue eyes before—my own are pale and mellow; hers are like frost on the coldest winter’s day.
“I am fine, thank you,” she snapped, “but now I need a new drink.”

“Let me get you one.” I was disturbed by the intensity of her stare. “What are you drinking?”
“Red wine.” She sniffed and I turned to the bar to buy her one, wondering how I’d explain the stain on my shirt to Gran when I got home. When I passed her the replacement glass, she graced me with an icy ‘Thank you.’

“Again, I’m sorry,” I said. Even as a vampire I was incapable of dealing with someone disliking me. “I will watch where I put my huge feet in future.”

“Look,” she said, placing a hand on my arm, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so snappy. Thank you for replacing my drink for me.”
“Oh, it’s the least I could do,” I replied, then I decided to do something unusual for me. I plucked up all my courage and waded in. “I know it’s a bit of an outside chance and I’m ready for you to shoot me down, but I couldn’t help but notice you’re wearing your blood drops and I was wondering if you’d like to come back to the VIP rooms with me.”

You see, regulars at The Point could purchase little pins in the shape of a blood drop. One meant they were newbies, two meant they’d been regularly drunk from and three was for the few who’d been fed upon fifty times or more. Most vampires would avoid approaching people who didn’t display these drops, whereas some purposefully avoided them. I looked for women with two drops at least, and Janine had three.

“Well, sure, why not?” She smiled for the first time since I’d met her and it was a beautiful smile that completely changed her face for the good. “But I do things differently, it’s only fair to tell you that now.”
“Different can be good,” I replied with a smirk.

“And I’m expensive,” she added. “I won’t even move from here for less than one hundred pounds.”
“I can afford that,” I said without thinking. I was at the time working in a supermarket, but as a vamp I found I spent less money on consumables and more on blood. I was hungry and I wanted her, which seemed strange, even to me. She’d been less than nice and so terribly icy, but there had been something in her smile that had sparked my desire.

“Well, lead on, then.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the VIP doors.

I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but at that point the blood lust had taken over. I nodded to Andre on the way past into the VIP area; he’d been a security guard in life and was even more intimidating in death.
“Is room nine free?” my partner asked. “It’s my favourite number,” she explained to me.

“You’re in luck, Janine,” the female vamp on the other side of the door from Andre replied. “That room has just been cleaned.”

We walked along the corridor to the specified room. Vampire hearts, though technically unneeded, still thud heavily in dramatic situations and at that moment I was more nervous than the night I’d lost my virginity.
All right, I know I am undead and therefore meant to be macho and incapable of fear, but I’m afraid cowardice was one of my human character traits that continued after death.
“Okay—what’s your name again?” she asked as I closed the door behind us. None of the doors in The Point locked, so the humans felt safe. Truth is, if a vamp went crazy and wouldn’t stop after ten seconds of sucking, the person would be dead before the security vamps could help them. The greedy vamp would be kicked out of the club for eternity, but that really isn’t much compensation and as such it isn’t a fact we make public. 
“Kyle,” I replied, “and you’re Janine, right?”
“Yes, that’s me,” she confirmed, distracted from the conversation as she pulled off her patent black shoes. “Now, this is how it will go.” She stood up and pulled the clip from her bright red and loosely curled hair so it swished around her shoulders.” I am going to come but you are not to touch me, not one finger, right?” She slipped the short, sexy, black dress she was wearing down her body till it pooled on the ground at her feet.

“Okay,” I said, my eyes fixed on her naked curves and anticipating the next revelation. I could feel my mouth watering. She really was abundantly beautiful. She was soft and I wanted to squeeze her close to me. 

And Kyle's afterlife gets even more complicated when he meets Sharon...but I think I've given you enough for one day. If you want to know more you can pick up your copy of The Vampire's Choice from Total-E-Bound today!  All three books are available here.

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