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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

Like many authors, I find inspiration in music. Matter of fact, I create a playlist rather than an outline when I start a story; I find the playlist a better guide for keeping me on track and sooo much less tedious to create! Given my reliance on my iPod to keep me productive while I write (kinda like aural crack to me), I thought the following confession an appropriate one for today, especially since the 21st falls on a Saturday this month: I completed my first WIP of 2012 -- a historical M/F erotic number set against the legend and pageantry of Camelot -- listening to the only five songs I could coax from my dying iPod. Those five songs? Nope...not one Barry White tune. No Sade in this mix. All by...the Bay City Rollers.

Why do I have the Bay City Rollers on my iPod at all, you ask? Well, the boys in plaid are a guilty pleasure, reminiscent of first kisses, hearts a-flutter holding hands in a dark movie theater with the pimply-faced boy I was crushing on back when...innocent days (long before I discovered the joys of leather and handcuffs and men with serious razor stubble by five o'clock p.m. ;)

When I first realized I couldn't pull up my playlist for the WIP in question -- and that deadline loomed fast! -- I dashed out to buy another iPod. Unfortunately, this was just after Christmas...three stores later, I admitted defeat: f*cking Santa had cleaned 'em all out. Ordering online, even paying for overnight delivery, meant I'd be too late meeting that deadline.

So it was me, my five BCR songs, and nine thousand words left to write. I tried just playing my library on my computer, but to no avail: I need ear-buds in to concentrate. So I listened to those same frickin' five songs over and over, staring at my blank computer screen, quietly freaking out -- and then I got creative. A bottle of excellent Cabernet later, I squinted at my wall, imagining not the Bay City Rollers in their short plaid pants and silly socks and ridiculous haircuts that were oh-so-sexy when I was -- ummm, like ten! -- but Scottish lords dressed in kilts with long, luscious locks and blazing, stern eyes. Hmmm...this was working...! A second bottle of Cab and those Scottish lords adorning my wall -- naked under their kilts, of course -- began dancing a strip-tease to "I Only Wanna Be With You."

I finished those nine thousand words. And yes: I indeed finished on a S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!

Happy Saturday, all -- and, just because that first real kiss ever with whatever song you fancied playing in the background is so magical, take a moment to remember your first pimply-faced boy -- and consider that he may have grown up into a reasonable facsimile of the dashing Scottish lord after all, naked under his kilt ;)

Speaking of which...under the influence of my two bottles of Cab, here's a website I found to further inspire me (hey, with that limited music selection, I needed all the help I could muster!). I think of this as the Bay City Rollers for grown-ups:

No other pics needed...!


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