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Two Much Fun!

Lovers of romance, do tell… Pour a cup of coffee and join me over here for a private chat. We can talk quietly, but I want to know, have you ever had “two” much fun?

And by that I mean two men (or women!) at the same time? I admit it…I haven’t, although I will confess to the fantasy!

In Her Two Doms, uptight, know-what-she –wants Victoria gets two hunky, wonderful men to make her fantasies come true. Victoria is a high-profile attorney with a secret, submissive side.

Once a year she joins a themed cruise to play with a Dom. This year, however, she's in for a surprise. She shows up to meet Master Devon, but he's not there. Instead, there's an ultra-sexy, take-no-prisoners Dom waiting impatiently on her arrival. She's never met this man before, adding an element of playing with a stranger.

Master Gabriel informs her that Master Devon is otherwise occupied. If she wants to play, she must play with him.

She is certain she wants nothing to do with this unyielding man. She attempts to gain the upper hand, but Master Gabriel is prepared to teach this hellion of woman a few things about surrender.

Until Mater Devon shows up to join the scene, Victoria didn’t realize how fantastically overwhelming it would be to have two Doms, two men focused on her pleasure, her wants, her desires.

Now, come on… I admitted it. Will you…? Wouldn’t it be hot if…

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