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Virtual spring cleaning

April long weekend, ahhhhh. Time to relax, time to take stock after a long weekend....time to avoid spring cleaning. Of course, virtual spring cleaning is always an alternative to getting the household ship-shape.

I've had a manuscript in my "virtual cupboard" -- ie my hard-drive -- for more than 10 years now. It's a historical romance about a nobleman-turned-famous-highwayman, and an impoverished noblewoman who tries to save herself from an unwanted marriage by turning highwayman herself. There's a lot of stuff that's good about it aaannnddd there's a lot of stuff that needs a very thorough edit. You know, a typical novel that began life saved on a 3 1/4 floppy; is there a statute of limitations rule about that?

I've decided that in this year's free moments I will embark on the great editorial challenge/rewriting adventure to see what great new stories I can craft from the larger whole. Do you have similar projects planned for this year? What's languishing in your virtual cupboards?

Enjoy your long weekend!

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The Horrible Histories' Highwayman Song. Any excuse for some gratuitous Horrible Histories, really.

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