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I wish I could say anticipation was always delicious, a shivery, exciting feeling that leaves me breathless. (Oh, but that’s something else entirely! I’ll write the story for you and call it fiction.)

Sometimes, anticipation leaves me wishing away the days!

Book release days kind of leave me with a mixture of emotions, and I have a book release day (BRD) coming up in a couple of weeks.

There are a lot of things leading up to BRD.

First thing is edits. I do my best to send in a clean manuscript, but I know I’ve invariably made errors. Each editor brings his or her unique perspective to the process. Will I agree with all the recommended changes? Generally I do, because I appreciate the feedback of someone who cares deeply about producing a good book, but has less invested emotionally and has a new perspective.

Then comes the book cover… Does it capture what I want it to? (Of course, I have to send in really good cover request forms, which is surprisingly difficult…again, that emotional attachment.) So when the e-mail arrives with the cover as an attachment, I sometimes click to open immediately. And sometimes I wait a bit. The cover is never what I expect. Often it’s far superior. But it’s always interesting to see how the artist has interpreted what I’ve provided.

Then actual BRD.

After months of work, it’s a giddy time.

Will people like the story? Will I strike a chord? Will I have successfully taken my reader away from daily trials and challenges and provided a respite? Even better, have I hit a fantasy button? Have I done my job so that I emotionally affect a reader?

To me, that’s what it’s all about, YOUR experience as a reader?

As I craft a story, I always keep the reader in mind. We are all complex human beings. (See my comments above about anticipation being a mixed bag!) And I try to create characters who are reflection of reality.

My characters are not based on real people, but rather they are a composite of people I know and experiences I’ve had.

I try to create an experience for the reader. My books are less about me and more about the person I’m connecting with. In that regard, writing is very intimate. I’m hoping for a connection. I hope to create a few laughs, maybe some anxious moments, some sensual tension, something that inspires, maybe some anticipation….

Ultimately it’s up to the reader to let me know how I did. And that is the biggest anticipation of all.

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