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'Cause Release Feels So Good

With new releases coming out each week, Monday is always an exciting time at Total-E-Bound. This Monday is especially fabulous for me since I'm among the lucky TEB authors who have a new story out this particular week!

Click here for an excerpt and to purchase Sounding the Depths!

Also: please join me today on my blog for a Manic Minute Monday during this "Merry Month of May I Suck Your __!" for one sexy sentence from Sounding the Depths -- and a good idea of precisely which piece of commercial hardware Ethan Gray prefers to use to enhance his hardware ;)

Happy Monday, all -- and I hope your week starts out as well as mine has!



Available From Total-E-Bound: Sounding the Depths
Available Now From Total-E-Bound: Bending Tyme


Maria-Claire Payne said...

Congratulations to everyone who has a book out today!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on the release, Maria-Claire!

Now I've got to go read the "Merry Month of May I..." post. I just can't resist!

Maria-Claire Payne said...

Thanks, Lisabet :) Oh yes, I did have fun with my Manic Minute post today!