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Fetish 101: Robot fetishism

While doing some research for story ideas, I came across an awesome chart that maps out all the major fetishes. This chart is fascinating to me because not only does it include all the major fetishes, it shows the relationships between and among them. Ever since then I’ve been doing occasional blog posts on my site about fetishes

The one I’m interested in today is the robot fetish, a fetish which is a subcategory of technosexuality. Robot fetishists usually refer to their fetish by the initials "ASFR" which stems from a now-defunct website.

According to what I found, robot fetishism, considered part of technosexuality, is divided into two usually separate fantasies:

  • Sex with a person dressed in a robot costume, a person acting like a robot, or sex with pre-made sex android robot.
  • Sex with person who has been willingly or unwillingly transformed into a robot or being transformed into a robot oneself and subsequently having sex. The transformation is of key interest in this fantasy.

If you are a Duran, Duran fan, or remember the video to Electric Barbarella, this robot thing is nothing new to you.

If you ask me, the best part of the video is when she freaks out and malfunctions. According to one interview I read, it’s this possibility for malfunctioning that is part of the draw. When she’s broken you get out your tool kit and fix her.

Wanting to see and hear an actual human talk about sex with robots, I hunted up a video. I’d be interested to hear what others have to say about this guy’s thoughts on why he wants a sex android.

Need more?

"Let's mech love", by Lisa Scott, Metro daily paper, 7February 2007.

If you are geeky like me, I suggest this Wikipedia article on typical human responses to human-like robots.

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