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Pinterest by Lily Harlem

Okay, I'll admit it, I have a new obsession, which is not good as I have a very obsessive nature. This new obsession has taken me away from writing for several days as I've trawled the web for hotness, prettiness, wackiness and general sexyness. What is it?...Pinterest.

I expect many of you have come across Pinterest already. But for those of you who haven't check it out here.

Basically it's a live time line of pictures/images people have pinned to their online boards. You can like them, comment on them, or repin them to your own boards.

Making your own boards is enormous fun, and completely addictive, as I have discovered to my peril, and its also very time consuming. I have found it amazing how focused I have become on getting just the right picture. The usually patient Mr H is starting to tut and mutter - whoops! Best make it up to him soon :-)

Here is my page of boards. It is probably easier to just show you than try and explain. (By clicking on one picture on each board you get to see the full content.)

As you can see I have pinned hot studly heroes who give me inspiration for my writing and the lovely heroines who get to bed these men. Pictures of locations that I would happily be transported to and all of my book covers.

I adore both hands and male armpits (that is another blog post!) and have sourced some great images. I can't resist handsome actors so they've got a board too - though you will notice model David Gandy (sigh) gets a board all to himself. Also I had to have hearts, I'm ultimately a romance writer, but I also wanted something to reflect the erotic nature of my books, which is why I have the Dark board. Though this has to be treated with care as nudity is not allowed on Pinterest, though breasts and the flash of a butt cheek seem to scrape through. However, this makes something like my Dark board all the more fun. The images have to be suggestive and provocative to get that delicious hint of eroticism. The same goes for my kissing and bliss boards, which are just scrummy!

I just had to start the Mmm, Interesting pinboard. Scouring the net for images meant I was stumbling across all kind of things I had to have! You can see under each picture, when you click to view the full board, how many times another Pinterest user has liked, or repined one of your pictures. Some of the images on this board have been very popular.

My latest release at Total-E-Bound is That Filthy Book and as you can see I have a whole board dedicated to this novel. Finding pictures that matched certain scenes and quotes was great fun and I think the overall board gives a good sense of this story.

Want to make your own pinboard page? Yay, of course you do!

You have to request an invite to join Pinterest which takes about 24hours and then you can start pinning (unless you have a Facebook friend already pinning then they can invite you and you'll start instantly). While you are waiting have a look at other boards. Think of the possibilities for planning weddings and parties, showing off holiday snaps, or hinting at gifts when birthdays come around, and of course just indulging in ogling sexy men and steamy scenes. 

Have fun and link up with me so we can follow!!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Love the Dark board, Lily!

But that's all I need to make me even less productive than I already am!


Lily said...

LOL! Creating it had the same effect on my productivity, Lisabet :-)