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Sexy Excerpt!

Here is a sexy excerpt from Realm of Passion which you can get now at Total-E-Bound!

Callie heard the front door shut, and a few moments later there was a soft knock at her door. Her heartbeat sped up with hope that it was Malia, and fear that it wasn’t. She really didn’t want to talk to Daniele or Dante, but if Malia had sought her out…
“Yeah?” she called out quietly. The door opened and Malia stepped inside.
Malia didn’t say anything, just made her way to Callie. Malia didn’t stop until her knees hit the bed. She reached out a hand and stroked Callie’s cheek. Callie shivered at the contact and her breath caught in a gasp. Malia’s touch was electrifying, and she felt the simple contact throughout her entire body. She forgot all about the hurt and confusion of earlier, wanted nothing more than to finish what they had started on the kitchen table.
Callie got on her knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. She reached out and grasped Malia’s hips, thumbs running along the bare skin above her waistband. Malia stood there, staring down at her with a guarded expression. Callie lifted Malia’s shirt to reveal her belly button, then leant forward and pressed a gentle kiss to it. Malia sighed above her and slid her hands into Callie’s hair encouragingly. Callie continued to lay gentle kisses across Malia’s belly as she worked quickly to unbutton her pants.
Callie pushed Malia’s pants down and followed their path with her lips, kissing down to the thin lace of her panties. As Callie slipped her tongue under the material, Malia’s hands fisted in her hair. Callie pulled Malia’s panties down then, revealing the most delicious patch of cotton-candy pink curls. Callie smiled at the delightful sight. She had hoped it would be the same as the hair on her head. Before she could stop herself she reached out to pet the soft, fine hair.
Callie looked up at Malia with a grin on her face. “Beautiful,” she whispered.
Malia smiled back and cupped Callie’s face. “You are a delightful surprise, Callie.”
Callie giggled at the odd compliment, then leant forward and ran her tongue from Malia’s belly button through her pink curls and over her already wet lips. Callie groaned at the first taste—so sweet. Callie knew she would forever crave this woman. Everything about her appealed to Callie, even her hard-ass attitude. Damn it, if she wasn’t just like every other woman out there chasing the bad boy…or in her case, the bad girl.

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