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That Was The Part You Had Trouble With?

I have a great fascination with the paranormal. I’m well aware that this makes people look at me strangely, but hey, I’m used to that. At least, when I went on a paranormal investigation last year, I had the excuse that I was writing a paranormal short and needed to do some literary research. It made a night of random bumps and bangs sound much more exciting.

Fortunately the story was more entertaining than the reality, since “I Heard Your Voice” was accepted, which means the team from Tintagel Paranormal will get to raise their spirits for more eyes than just my own.

Tamar Steele is an interesting heroine. She’s a “sensitive” for the team, who run paranormal events for paying guests – and she also has the less attractive role of girlfriend to Reed James, their celebrity medium, who believes sex on haunted ground enhances his mediumship abilities. Left alone on a vigil, she accidentally discovers that her singing causes paranormal activity, raising a ghost who refuses to leave – and turns her world upside down.

So there’s a lot there which a person who doesn’t believe in ghosts might find hard to believe. My husband is one such person. I ran the story past him, including character descriptions, and asked him if he thought he could suspend his disbelief.

His response?

“You said her boobs were HOW big? Do you know how big G-cups ARE?”

Why yes, darling, I do. I watched those videos over your shoulder, remember? And out of the entire story, that was the sticking point for you? Really?

So just to warn everyone out there. This is a story about matchmaking ghosts, paranormal singing, and a celebrity medium who has spirit-enhancing sex. But it also involves a girl with large breasts. I hope that’s not a problem.

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