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To Truly See...

The saying goes, "eyes are the window into the soul," and I believe this to be true in many ways. Something happens when you take a moment and really look at a person as they are talking. I think it's amazing how our eyes can reveal so much even when we haven't uttered a word!

Eyes are the first facial feature to draw me to another. I think they can be the first indication of the kind of person you are dealing with.

Sometimes our eyes can betray us...give away what we are truly feeling when we don't want to be exposed. It often feels safer and is easier to force those bright-eyed expressions.

Looking into someone's eyes...letting them truly see what you feel without the shutter in place can be scary. You can't do it with everyone and there's some vulnerability involved often times even with the ones we hold dear to our hearts.

But, oh the gift of having someone see into our soul and truly understand...magic!

Nichelle Gregory 
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Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

To be able to look into someone's eyes and truly see the person, not just the exterior takes practice. Too often, we see what we want to see and we focus too much on a person's looks. Even though people sometimes put up walls to hide their true feelings and to shield their hearts, if we make the effort - we can see what's happening beneath the surface. That's if we want to and if we make the effort.