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Back from holiday, and still with a one-track mind...

Last month I went on holiday to Majorca, which is one of my favourite places to visit – beautiful beaches, our favourite restaurants, and my favourite cocktail bar with a host to die for. Here he is.

His name’s Guapo and he’s a sweetheart. He also knows all his best angles for photographs, something I have never quite mastered.

While I was there I saw a rack of these in a shop and couldn’t resist buying one.

It wasn’t the largest, nor was it the smallest. In fact, it was just right.

When I went to buy it, I handed it straight to the cashier, who promptly burst out laughing. Apparently every other woman who’s bought one has put everything else on the counter first and then surreptitiously placed it off to the side: “Oh, and, er, there’s also, um, this…” (blushing bright red).

OK, I admit I’m probably harder to embarrass with sex-related props than others, but come on. If you’re going to buy the thing, own it! Why twitch over buying something the shop will have sold a million times before?

I don’t know if men buy them, or if they get embarrassed when they do. But I do know that my husband’s comment when he took it from me was “First time I can say I’ve held your cock…”


Maggie Nash said... it!

I go to Sexpo every year or so, and the first time I went I got over my shyness quickly when this middle aged man gave my erotic romance writer friends and myself a lesson in using a vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. It was pretty much the norm after that. We go most years now and no blushing at all!


Maggie Nash said...

Oh - Sexpo is a trade conference for the sex industry - lots of toys, lots of jewellery, fetish wear, pole dancing lessons, exotic dancers and phallic symbols LOL

Tanith Davenport said...

I'll look it up!