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Celebration Giveaway

Hi all,

I've only just realised that I missed last months date and didn't post anything. Don't worry I gave myself a smacked wrist. My writing has been dominating my time lately. My muse has been sending me on all different kinds of adventures. One of the most amazing experiences I've had so far, has  been writing with Natalie Dae. Bouncing ideas off another writer has been a truly wonderful experience.

The process of writing a single character has helped me to improve my writing style. Our first book, Shades of Grey, comes out at the end of June and I hope you guys love it as much as we did. Here is a bit more information about our first story together. You can pre-order it here:

Now, for those of you who don't know, we're celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and I wanted to give you a chance to win a copy of two of my past releases. I'm currently going through, The Valentines: Adam with the intention of submitting it soon. Simply, leave a comment for a chance to win, The Valentines, Robert and William. I will pick a winner on Wednesday.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to me ramble on.


Debby said...

Sounds like an amazingly hot story.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Zuhira Ahmad said...

Read Robert. It was great. Unfortunately William
Isn't on amazon yet :( do you know when it'll be available for kindle?

Sam Crescent said...

Thank you for stopping by.

Debby, Robert and William are on the way to you soon.

Zuhira, William should be released on Amazon later this month.