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The dangers of multitasking

Yes, I know. Multitasking is not actually a new topic. And we've all heard that multitaskers are prone to experience attention deficit and this, of course, leads to mistakes.

However, knowing this and actually being able to avoid multitasking are two different things entirely. I know I've been guilty of trying to talk on the phone, write an email and answer a question from a colleague while closing the window and watering the much-neglected spider plant on my desk at the same time. I've also had an estimated number of 453 documents and browser windows open on my screen at the same time, madly alt-tabbing between them to find the three I was actually working on. If two of them are work-related emails and one is a draft of a steemy erotic short story involving bondage and kink you can imagine the looming disaster...

However, there is one activity during which I would never ever multi-task (well, actually there are two because my yoga teacher would strangle me with an elastic band if I did but for the sake of my dramatic argument let's say there's only one, okay?) and this is sex. I was much appalled to read that actress Jennifer Connelly apparently likes to do other stuff while having sex. She wrote in an article in The Atlantic: “I do like to read a book while having sex. And talk on the phone. You can get so much done.” Really? Talk on the phone? Unless you like to talk dirty to your aunt Gertrude it would  be safer to only call people who are totally down with this. But apparently she is not alone in this: according to the Daily News 12% of moms use their cellphones during sex.

Also, I read an article in Men's Health suggesting stuff men could do during sex in case they were really bored with it (i.e. tone their muscles or think about what they're going to wear the next day). 
I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather not have sex with someone who is so totally bored that they're thinking about their tax return or their wardrobe choices. Then again, I tend to delay my tax return until the very last moment and wear whatever is on top of the fresh laundry pile. So maybe for people who are really into doing these things thinking about them is actually a turn-on?

I'd love to read your opinions in the comments. I'll be back here with more stupid questions - ah, interesting ideas, of course - next month on the 19th. Or drop by my blog A DARK KIND OF DESIRE any time.

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