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Heroines, no Wussies Need Apply

Give me a strong woman. Cleopatra. Eleanor of Aquitaine. Josephine. Catherine the Great.
Notice, too, all are known as great lovers.
Were they?
We have our imaginations to point the way.
After all, women who challenged the powerful men of their day had to be formidable. And attractive.
But wily? Manipulative? And fabulous in bed?
Of course. The complete woman, wise, sensible, commanding and sensuous. With purpose.
I daresay that, too, would be necessary to survive. Rise. And flourish
As I finish Robert Massie's current best seller on Catherine, I am in awe of a woman who could sway a million minions, rule over men and still find satisfaction in bed.
And none of these women needed ELLE or COSMO, nor did they need VANITY FAIR to headline stories that make me cringe when they begin with: "5 ways to Make Your Man Come" or "What Your Bedtime Manner is Missing" ad nauseam.
Would their mamas have educated them? In some cases, I would guess yes they did.
Would their daddies have told them the way to a man's heart is through his penis? By example, I am certain this happened too!
Would they have seen their siblings conquer with brains and sex? And fail at it, also?
Of course.
I am a sucker to read about any of them, in fiction and non, at any time.
Who is your favorite Strong Woman?


geminimoon60 said...

Katherine Hepburn ,,actress complicated woman ...JoseLuis (facebook)

Kate Richards said...

My grandmother was a flapper, a traveler, total wild woman who had men chasing her stylin' self until she died! We had great adventures together and she was always our greatest supporter in anything we did.