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Let's Talk Titles

It's a funny thing about titles - they are important. I've bought books on the name alone sometimes. Single words, a catchy series name, a phrase that urges you to turn the page...Titles are all this and more. 

So how does one go about selecting a title? If you're a writer, how do you select your titles?

For me, the method comes and goes. There are times I have the title in my head as I write. These are the easiest because that's one less item to worry over. Sometimes I have a title, then I need to develop a story that will go with the great, awesome name. These are a little harder. But the most difficult are the stories where you write out your heart and soul, but the name of your creation is blank. An untitled story is worse than writers block, in my opinion. I mean, you have a story you've written and you love, but what do you call it? I Love Blank?

When I end up with tales like this (yes, it does happen), the first page is a string of random thoughts and ideas that may, if I'm lucky, end up giving me a title. My heading could very well look something like this: 

story/man and woman/woman's lover/man's love/three times two/God help me/the billy goat ate the hat/necklace galore/ripped dress/etc.

Yes, you may laugh. It can be that bad. The string of words I just put up is entirely fictional (and forgive me if I stepped on anyone's toes by revealing a title in there somewhere), but this is what I will do. Eventually, a title will evolve from my bad meanderings and voila! The book has a name. 

This almost, almost makes me wish for the days of old - like centuries ago - when a books' title was often the entire plot line. Something like, The Day Susanna Ran the Marathon and Fell in Love with her Neighbour and Her Neighbour's Gardener.  Ah, the cover artists would kill us, no doubt, but wouldn't titles like this make life much simpler? 

What about you? Am I the only one often stumped by titles, or do you have a magical method you're willing to share?

Have a great Friday everyone, and thanks for stopping by

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