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I Love

I love how I feel when you look at me, even a simple glance in my direction.

I love when you hold my hand and run your thumb over mine

I love when you touch my arm or lower back when we're walking, being a gentleman, caring for my welfare.

I love when you brush my wild hair from my face but then continue to play with the red tangles.

I love when you lift me off my feet so easily.

I love how when I look up at you I first see your neck and chin bottom before I get to your eyes.

I love how your lips feel on my skin.

I love how your arms wrap around me like a warm force field protecting me for the world.

I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your words reveals heaven in my mind.

I love the way my head fits on your chest.

I love falling asleep on you,wrapped in the blanket of your arms and waking up with you still next me.

I love the feel of your hands on my neck, my cheek, my breasts, my ass.

I love that you make me feel alive and young and beautiful and wanted when I before you, I felt dead and old and used up.

I love you.

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