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Rhythm Maker

There is a subtle rhythm that beats when you read. One you probably don’t even notice it.

From that first word of any book you read it pulls you in and takes you on a journey. Each step gives you various beat that resonate with you. That first blush of meeting and the little catch that you get when you read it. The foray of the characters as they do that dance of seduction which keeps your heart racing as you wonder when will they or will they at all. Then when they do you your pulse skyrockets with each kiss, caress and thrust as they come together. Then you go on the journey of their affair. The up rhythms of them getting to know each other after the sexual encounter. A laugh at their antics which makes your body move in time with them. That little sound you make as something they do pleases you. The humph as they act the fool. The sway as you enjoy this journey that makes you go up then down and all around. When that obstacle comes and your fist clenches while your heart wonders how can they fix this and the tears fall with the person most devastated after that moment. Then ultimately the triumph they get when they overcome it all to be together. Your soul rejoices and you love it. Once done you exhale and that dance is done at least until the next time.

All this is rhythms that comes from within. One that is individual as each of you. No two rhythms you feel are the same. Heck when you reread the book the rhythm changes. I love reading books and how it makes the rhythm of my soul move. And this is what I work for when I write. A rhythm that will resonate in a reader. Make them become part of the fabric of the dance I am creating in my story. I’ve been called everything from writer, author, storyteller and all the in between. I am all those things and so much more. Of all the names I’m called I like to call myself … Rhythm Maker.

Taige Crenshaw
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1 comment:

Scarlett Parrish said...

This reminds me of a book review I read on Amazon recently; can't for the life of me remember which novel, but the review was wonderful:

"It was like reading a song."