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A Bogan Aussie welcomed into the TotalEBound fold.

G-Day all!

Today is my very first post here @ Hitting the Hot-Spot and I am pleased as a pig in poop to be here! As I will be returning every month on the 7th to talk about my thoughts, books and general goings on, I thought I’d kick off by introducing myself.

*waves* Hi! My name is Danielle Lisle, I live in Darwin, Australia and I write smut – historical smut to be exact. I’m an easygoing (well, most of the time – just don’t take the last beer!) chick with a farmyard of animals to keep me amused – husband and child included. Have you seen Crocodile Dundee? Who hasn’t? Anyway, remember that scene when the croc tried to pull her into the water by the drink canister around her neck? Well, that scene was filmed about a 15min horse ride from here. Yep – I live in that paradise! Snapping handbags included.

I recently sold my ROGUES OF DECEPTION series to Total EBound and the first book in that series, THE ROSE’S BLOOM has just hit the cyber shelves.

I must say, I constantly get asked why I write historicals and not outback stories as they would be closer to home. The truth is, I have written outback stories and I will likely get around to polishing them up one day, but it’s just that I find something strangely romantic about a time when it was slower, quieter and not everyone was in such a rush. I find peace in that mind set and I like to place my characters there as a result.

Claire, in THE ROSE’S BLOOM is not your average heroine. She is not stunning in looks, nor is her figure slender, yet Damon, our solemn lord, can see no one more bountiful than her. It is rather hard for any red-blooded male to see something other than a young woman pleasuring herself by the riverbank... or at least, this one did.

Likened by her family to a carriage horse, Lady Claire knows gentlemen only consider her a possible match due to the rich dowry her father dangles in their faces. She had accepted this, until a mysterious man introduces her to a world of passion and pleasure. Damon, a rich and most cantankerous lord, is not known for his sociable persona. While out hunting one day, he encounters a woman seeking fulfilment by the riverbank, her fingers getting her nowhere. He was a gentleman, after all, and it would be ill-mannered of him to allow her to go unaided. What red-blooded male wouldn’t assist a damsel in distress?

You can find out more about me and my books by checking out my website, facebook, twitter or Goodreads accounts and I would be more than happy to friend any of you if you like.

I love to hear from readers, so please don’t be shy and drop me a line!

Until next time....

Danielle XOXO

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