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A Wild, Hot, Sexy Ride

Writing a romance novel is a wild, hot, sexy ride.  

Yet, Hyperpersonal, Hypersexual—my first book from Total E-Bound, which comes out tomorrow—didn’t start that way.  If anything, its origins are about as unsexy as you can get.  I admit it—Juliette, my main character, was born within the pages of a graduate school communications theory textbook.

Within these same pages are two “common sense theories,” as they were often and informally known:  “Hyperpersonal Communication Theory” and “Media Richness Theory.”  

Don’t fret.  Their names are probably the most difficult thing about them.  Take a look:

“Hyperpersonal Communication Theory” explains a desire to project our own emotions onto those with whom we communicate online.  The less we know about the people we’re talking to (such as in a chat room or on a romance blog), the more we determine things about their personalities based on our own biases and personal beliefs.

“Media Richness Theory” serves an extension of the aforementioned theory.  “Rich” media are media like television, web video, etc.  We learn more about a person through “rich” media.  We can read their facial expressions, perceive the subtle intonations of their voice—perhaps even hear their hearts pounding as they make cinematic love.   

“Poor” media tend to be text-based.  There’s quite simply less information for us to work with when it comes to communicating with others.  Sometimes, this lack of information can be immensely fun.  It leaves more to the imagination.

While many people do view these theories as “obvious” or “common sensical,” I view them as a source of intoxicating creativity.  These very simple yet combustible ideas sparked my imagination and gifted Juliette the most explosive orgasm of her life.

It is through these theories that Juliette, a sexy-but-shy professor, explores her sexuality on her own terms, conjuring inside her head the man of her dreams.  She designs her own pleasure based on a barrage of messages from a “hypersexual” admirer online who’s taken a sudden and unexpected interest in her.  Imagination is limitless.  Sometimes that can be better than the real thing.

But now and then, we discover titillating, explosive encounters that are beyond our wildest dreams.  Juliette certainly does.  Would you join her?

Hyperpersonal, Hypersexual comes out tomorrow here at Total E-Bound.  I hope you’ll accompany Juliette on her adventure, and that your imagination will prove as active—and naughty—as hers.

Lots of love,

Genevieve xoxo

Here’s the synopsis:

In a world of Internet porn, sexting, texting, and digital flirting—can real sex be too good?

Juliette Bresson won't wait around for 'the man of her dreams'. That's because the heroine of 'Hyperpersonal/Hypersexual', knows that fantasies hardly ever manifest the way we intend.
Instead, Juliette—an energetic university instructor and savvy political consultant—imagines her men exactly how she wants them, and she forgoes real sex altogether. But eventually starved for tangible love and romantic excitement, Juliette replies to a string of anonymous yet provocative emails and instant messages she receives in response to an Internet forum post. She suddenly finds herself the recipient of a barrage of oversexed texts, salacious instant messages and requests for a face-to-face meeting. Finally, after a tantalising sexual encounter with her digital admirer, Juliette begins to think that real sex can be too good.

Now afraid of ruining her reputation, losing her job and her focus—or worse—Juliette must decide whether to give herself permission to love a lying man, a man who can fulfil her every sexual fantasy—or reject him altogether and cling to dreams that seem perfect but are really only mediocre, at best.

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