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Aural Fixation

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and again - or a lot - depending on one's mood. When I’m writing, I go through these phases where I have to have a certain type of music to keep, and/or get me in the proper zone. Since I’m notoriously eclectic, there is quite the mish-mosh of genres in what I listen to.

Recently, while working on a new M/M novel with firemen and a mysterious arsonist, I needed music with a harder edge. The soundtrack from the film Hanna, by the Chemical Brothers, and some classic Led Zeppelin did the trick. While working on the edits for “A Spirit of Love”, an MMF contemporary paranormal that’s coming soon, I fancied a lot of soulful girl music. Adele, Florence & the Machine, and Imogen Heap worked nicely.

 If I go over the list in my library, there are many other twists and turns that can provide the right backdrop to whatever story I’m writing. There’s Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Pink Floyd, Goldfrappe, Charlotte Martin, Nine Inch Nails, Elbow, Mumford & Sons, Bush, as well as a myriad of classical and soundtrack music.

 All of this is pretty standard – the listening to music part I mean – but the real confession here I think is that I have an aural fixation. You see, to me, sex and music are all part of the entire package. When I’m getting down and dirty – or soft and sensual – music greatly adds to the overall experience. The same way some crave nipple clamps, whipped cream or filthy lingerie to complete their naughty interactions, I need the musical strains of one of my favorite artists to heighten my experience. It’s only natural that listening to these songs that do it for me in the heat of the moment will help to get the juices going when I’m writing. I hope, dear reader, that when you read the results, you will feel the same.

So how about you – do you have an aural fixation? What music do you want in the background when you’re feeling frisky? Until next month, stay naughty!

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