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Corsets, Competitions and Cavaliers

I've had a great time blogging about my corset-envy and checking out the most exquisite range of corsets - all in the name of work since TEB is running this great Couture Corset Competition for those buying any of the four novellas in the Bodices & Boudoirs collection.

It just so happened that I had been looking for a costume to wear to the Romance Writers of Australia's 'Diamonds are Forever' cocktail party, last week, so when I discovered this little 'Antoinette overbust' number, below, I had to have it. Especially as What Katie Did were having this mega sale.

The corset arrived, exquisitely wrapped, within a week, and as there was 45 minutes before the school run and my husband was at home (and I was leaving for the conference on Queensland's Gold Coast the next morning) he was very keen to lace me into it and do a photo shoot.

So, if you're into corsets, you might get a kick-start with 100 pounds towards one (though mine, on sale, was a lot less) through checking out the Bodices & Boudoirs Collection.

My story, The Cavalier, is set during the siege of my heroine's castle and has the following premise:

The Cavalier blurb

Drummond Castle, home of staunch Puritan Silas Drummond and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, has been besieged by Royalist forces. In a bargain to spare her husband’s life Lady Elizabeth has agreed to spend the night with the commander of the hated King’s Men.

Second-in-command, Charles Trethveyan, has other ideas. He’s planned this moment since Elizabeth chose to marry Silas eight years before.

When Elizabeth discovers that her former Cavalier lover has taken the place of his superior, she must decide whether Charles is motivated by love or revenge.

Either way, her response will have devastating consequences.

Here’s an excerpt from a scene in which the depraved commander Reynolds has his eye to the keyhole. My heroine, Elizabeth, is in the bedroom with the man who was once her lover and whom she believes betrayed her, though she still has feelings for him.

Slowly, Elizabeth nodded once. “This is war,” she whispered, simply, “and I want to live. I’ll struggle and scream as I would if it were Reynolds but you have my permission to take me. I’ve dreamed of it.” She said it so he could be under no illusions as to her feelings and was gratified by the brief shock that crossed his face.

Immediately she tried to pull out of his arms. “You betrayed me!” she shrieked. “By God, I rue the day I set eyes on you. You betrayed me. Don’t touch me!”

The play acting had begun.

So, good luck if you do enter. And even if you don’t, you might just have fun checking out the corset range at What Katie Did. It’s my new favourite online shopping haunt.

 Buy the book here:

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