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I Shot the Spooky Thing

Last month I was asked to do a photoshoot for a magazine article, along with several other writers from my workplace.

I won’t show you the photo they ultimately used – it’s hideous. However, it was an opportunity to discover just how many erotic romance writers I had unknowingly been working with. Of the seven of us, one was a poet, one a crime writer, and the rest of us were unashamed eroticians, if that’s a word. In fact, one was a woman I’d met at Eroticon a few months earlier.

So now everyone at work who didn’t know already will know I’m one of those writers, and I will probably be getting the perennial question of “Have you read Fifty Shades?” from all sides. But it’ll all be worth it if they buy my books, right?

And at least it gave me a chance to promote my upcoming paranormal novella I Heard Your Voice, which is up for pre-order on 10 September as part of the Haunted By You anthology.

 Tamar Steele’s life was never supposed to be like this. A sensitive working with a team of paranormal investigators, she is trapped in a loveless relationship with the team’s medium, Reed James, who believes that having sex on haunted ground enhances paranormal activity. Tamar maintains their partnership for the sake of the crew, forcing herself to ignore the burgeoning sexual tension between her and fellow investigator Jason Bray.

Until one night when, alone and bored, Tamar sings to herself and is knocked to the ground by an invisible force. Somehow she is able to invoke spirits with the power of her voice. And one particular sexy, matchmaking spirit is determined to turn her life upside down.

1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

Where the heck do you work, Tanith?

Sounds like a fun group - a lot more so than most of our working partners.

Congratulations on the upcoming release, too!