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Not finishing....

I was going through my ebook library the other day. There is so many books I've read and enjoyed. I particularly love series. LOL. I know I have a few of my own I'm writing. As I checked over the titles I found this one that I was meaning to see if it continued because there were a few characters I wanted to read their story. I went and looked on the author's site and didn't see anything about another book in the series. So I emailed the author to ask.

When I got the response I was disappointed. The author didn't plan on doing anymore in the series. I was bummed because I wanted to read more. Know about some of the characters I liked happily ever after. I was curious on why they weren't continued the series but didn't ask. So my curiosity on why the books aren't continued and the characters I liked will go unfulfilled because the series will not be finishing.

Talia Carmichael
Fill Your Cravings


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Lucia said...

I understand your curiosity, I think that often too. I know of some authors that have to wait until the characters start to speak to them, I can understand that :) But when an author says no, without the chance of a yes in the future, I also wonder why...