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Summer Loving!

Summer is a fickle mistress here in the UK and this year more than ever. We saw more rain in June and July than we had in over a hundred years. August has given us a bit more sun but yesterday the heavens opened once again. No wonder we Brits are always talking about the weather, we're never sure what's going to happen next!

So here are some reads guaranteed to brighten your day. Whether you're stretched out on the beach or taking refuge inside from the storm these sexy summer stories will cheer your day!

Need something tasty? Get your teeth into this tale of love, lust and linguini.

She wanted pizza, she got love.
Fiona was bored with her life but she didn’t realise that simply deciding to visit the local Italian restaurant for dinner one night would change it forever. When she laid eyes on the fit, young Italian waiter she fell instantly in lust. Carlo returned that ardour but how could their relationship develop when he had to move back to his home in Italy?

Dreaming of an Indian Summer?In need of Bollywood heat? Then Silver Screen Dream is the book for you! 

Book one in the Djinn's Amulet Series

When true love conquers all, what is a djinn to do?
Johnny is a djinn, and he has a hard life. His master, Rahul, is a massive Bollywood star who’s run off to England to avoid an arranged marriage, a marriage Johnny has to make happen. It’s his job.
Rahul further complicates matters by falling for a British Bollywood fan, Laura, whom he meets at a film premiere. How can Johnny get his master back to Mumbai to marry the woman to whom he is pledged and away from the English hussy who is steadily taking more and more of his attention?
Johnny will use revenge and jealousy, but how will he cope when true love is thrown into the mix?
And the great news is that book 2 in the series, Bollywood Nightmare will be released in December to heat up your winter! 

Now it wouldn't be a post about summer and holidays without me mentioning Scarborough, my favourite place in the world. Sweet Surrender is set in the seaside town and has some seriously sizzling BDSM action!

She doesn’t know what she wants but he does.
How do you mend a broken heart?
Helen goes on holiday to Scarborough and meets Tom. He is an attractive local artist who takes Helen on a tour of the sweet seaside town. Tom becomes more than just her guide as his dominant nature brings out her own submissive side and a shared joy of exhibitionism.

And a last mention to the anthology myself and Lucy Felthouse have edited called Smut by the Sea. Full of sexy seaside fun and available now. Join is in June next year from Smut fun in Scarborough in the flesh. Smut by the Sea event details to be found here.

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