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The Mudpie

By A.J. Llewellyn

It's no secret I am addicted to sweets and my ongoing series with Serena Yates pays homage to the delicious mudpie. It is perhaps apt that the gooey dessert's origins are obscure, nay, a mystery, which is fitting since our story, The Mudpie: Elemental Superpowers 3 (coming to Total-e-Bound on September 10) contains a huge mystery and of course, lots of yummy desserts.
From research I have done this dessert recipe first started showing up in the 1970s but great cooks I know swear it goes much further back.
My niece and nephew scoff at the suggestion that the recipe is recent. They say that cave children created mudpies as a form of a game and enjoyed smooshing the end results into the teary faces of their foes.
I am sure they are right but for a version of the pie, I am certain that the Mississippi Mudpie is the origin of this wonderfully amazing treat.
It involves chocolate (don't all the best desserts?) with a frosting that's cracked, apparently representing the Mississippi's dried riverbed.
Today's incarnation often involves layers of goopy wizardry with a cream topping drizzled with chocolate.
Growing up in Australia, I'd never heard of a mudpie much less tried one. In fact, I didn't, until
my friend Rosie took me to lunch at Claim Jumper last year. We shared a Jumper's Mudpie and I still dream about that thing.

In my humble opinion it is truly best not to consider the calories whilst consuming - therefore they do not count. It is wisest not to fret afterwards because then the calories come back three-fold. You can imagine I delude myself a lot where dessert is concerned. Especially mudpies. Though I've only eaten one, the memory holds strong and Serena and I have enjoyed concocting our own version of a mudpie.
Our story is set in the Earth Element and mudpies are about as earthy as you can get. Good, solid, comfort food. Our characters, Whip and Mitchell are involved in a paranormal world of wrestling and mud.

Mitchell is proud of his new wrestling persona and trading card, but he hadn’t planned on actually facing his wrestling hero, Whip "Mudshark" Jackson, in the ring...

Geeky Mitchell Dykins loves his new job as marketing manager for a wrestling federation’s participants. After creating a huge online campaign for his company’s wrestlers, he befriends the most fearsome warrior of them all, Whip "Mudshark" Jackson. Whip is so thrilled with Mitchell's work, he demands that the company create a wrestling persona for Mitchell and therefore he’ll get his own trading card. Mitchell is tickled. This is all good, right?Unfortunately Mitchell soon finds himself transformed into his wrestling persona, "Mudpit Madman". When he starts waking up covered in mud, Mudshark lying beside him, he begins to worry. The worst of it is when he defeats Mudshark who then puts a contract out on Mudpit.Whip claims he knows nothing about what his alter ego is doing. He likes Mitchell. But his muddy wrestling character seems to have a mind of his own...can he be telling the truth?Is Mitchell completely nuts to still like a guy who probably wants him dead?

The Mudpie: Elemental Superpowers 3 is available for pre-order here:

As always my books with Serena come with a reader advisory. Our stories will induce feelings of hunger. Keep some chocolate handy. The calories won't count. I promise. I swear...

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Silver Pixies said...

I always keep sweets handy when reading these books!! I CANT WAIT Got this book to come out!!!

AJ said...

Thanks so much Silver!!! I would love to give away a mudpie as a contest prize but I think it would not travel at all well lol


Silver Pixies said...

Its ok darling I will get one and enjoy it while thinking about you lol