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The Right Direction available at TEB

Do you like stories about men loving other men? About commitment and loyalty beyond the very first wave of infatuation? About BDSM? About a dom who isn’t dripping self-confidence from every pore and a sub who loves him exactly for that reason?

And do you like the idea there’s quite a bit of hotness going on in the story?

Then I’m happy to tell you that The Right Direction, part two of the Calling the Shots-series is now available for VIP members at Total E-Bound.

So, if you already started reading about Isaac and Tom and you’re eager to know how their journey continues, I invite you to take a look at The Right Direction.
You haven’t read part one yet? Then please start with Facing the Truth to get the full enjoyment of the story. 

A small, intended for adults, excerpt:

They were a good couple, though Isaac had doubted a serious relationship with a lover eighteen years younger would be such a great idea. Tom, being Tom, had refused to listen to Isaac’s objections, and one night of sex had resulted in two years of more happiness than Isaac had ever believed to be possible. And a few weeks ago they had embarked on yet another journey. Their already extremely satisfying and far from tame sex life had taken on a new dimension. Isaac thought being the Dominant in a BDSM relationship was equally scary and exciting, but there was no one he wanted to wear his collar and kneel at his feet other than Tom. To Isaac, it wasn’t just about spicing up sex with some mundane adult toys and a bit of spanking. He wanted to bring his lover, his sub, to a state of mind and a place Tom had never been before. He also wanted to bring himself to a point where he would truly be the Dominant, the Master. No matter how new he was to all this, that much he already knew.
He wanted…
To see Tom kneeling between his widespread thighs, worshipping his Sir’s cock with lips and tongue, while Isaac browsed through the adult website. They already owned a nice collection of restraints, butt plugs, cock rings, vibrators and anal beads, but there was definitely room for more. Thus far, Tom had chosen and bought everything, but, as a self-confessed Dominant, it was high time for Isaac to do some shopping of his own.

The Right Direction is available the right direction
Part one of Calling the Shots, Facing the Truth, is available facing the truth

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