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Ample Delights Out Today!

I'm thrilled to be celebrating the release of my eighth book with Total E-Bound! Ample Delights is now available for your reading pleasure!

At times, it felt like I'd never finish this book. I do believe the characters never wanted me to type 'The End'! They were having too much fun! Ah, well, so was I. I'll admit to having a blast crafting this tale and I do believe you too will fall in love with Terrah and Nick's hot island romance!

Here's the blurb:

Beauty, brains and voluptuous curves...Terrah’s exactly the kind of woman Nick’s been looking for, but can he convince her that the smokin’ hot chemistry between is more than skin deep?

Terrah Bryant embraces her curves despite being immersed in the modelling world. Her job as a makeup artist requires confidence, creativity and the ability to stay focused in the presence of some of the world’s finest men. She has never had a problem until she works with Nick Tasso, a gorgeous Greek model who has a thing for voluptuous women. Terrah is swept away by the sizzling chemistry between them and emotionally unprepared when their electric connection blossoms into something more than hot sex. She struggles to deal with the media’s scrutiny over her body and their burgeoning relationship. Terrah must decide to trust her heart and face her own insecurities before she can have the 'happily ever after' she truly desires.

Here's a little teaser from inside the book:
Terrah stepped outside her room and headed down the hall towards Nick’s. Her red heels made no sound on the soft carpet as she walked. She squeezed her red clutch purse and tried to ignore the butterflies fluttering in her chest. She stopped in front of the door marked 910, took a deep breath, and smoothed her hands down the sides of her dress one more time before knocking.

The door swung open much too soon.

Nick stood before her, freshly shaven and breathtakingly handsome, dressed in white linen pants and a black shirt that clung to his muscled arms.

“Wow! You look incredible.”

“Thank you.” Terrah smiled, suddenly breathless and wired. “So do you. Are you ready to go eat?”

The smile he gave her melted her bones, making it very difficult to stand with poise.

“Are you?”

They stared at one another for a second.

Terrah swallowed hard and nodded. “I’m starved.”

Her voice was a whisper and she could barely hear herself speak over the wild roar of her thudding heart.

“So am I.”

“What do you have a taste for?”

The answer flashed in his eyes. Nick reached for her, yanked her hard against his body and kissed her. She parted her mouth as he dragged her into his room. The door shut silently behind them and her purse fell to the floor. His arm tightened around her waist, their lips melded and Terrah moaned with need. The force of attraction between them could no longer be denied. She wanted him to take her…make her scream his name as he had promised her she would. Nick shifted his lips from hers and the sound of their hurried breathing filled the room.


“Don’t tell me to stop.” His voice was ragged and dark as he backed her up towards the bed.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

“I want you so bad, Terrah.”

His words and his hands on her body made her want to show him she felt the same way. She tugged at his shirt, lifting it up over his head as he raised his arms.

“I want you, too.”

Nick slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and Terrah shivered as it fell to the floor in a soft heap around her feet.

“Look at you.” His heated gaze swept over her from head to toe. “You’re so damned beautiful. I love your body.”

“Tell me what you love, Nick.” Terrah reached out to touch his chest as he traced a line across the top of her breasts.

“These curves. The way you feel in my arms.”

Terrah moaned as he gripped her hips and kissed her.

Copyright © Nichelle Gregory, 2012

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Red Stiletto Book Club said...

Don't know the names of any male models, but there's this colonge ad that features this dark, shaggy haired, creamy tan skin and turquoise eyes! Every time I run across the ad, I just stare, stroke the page and sigh!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. So many cover models during 35 years that I have been reading all kinds of romance books. Massimo,John DeSalvo,Steve Sandalis,Rob Ashton on covers of my fave Native American historical romance books. I LOVE that long hair, yummy muscles, and so much more! ;)
Jimmy Thomas is a new favorite. And Brenda Jackson has GORGEOUS men on her covers. They are wonderful to look at and think naughty thoughts about! ;) Oh heck, I think naughty thoughts about ALL of them . lol

Peggy Brown