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Billions of Fun Ideas!

Recently, I  was chatting with a Dom who had a very interesting experience. He was on the elevator of a very nice office building in Denver. A woman entered the elevator carrying a copy of a very popular book about bondage.


He asked her if she’d read the book. She blushed and stammered a bit before asking if he’d read it. He said there was no need. He lived the lifestyle.


She exited the elevator, and that was the end of it.


But the meeting provided me with much food for fodder.


When I had the opportunity to craft a story for the first Total-E-Bound Billionaire anthology, I was beyond excited. What if the conversation had been slightly longer? What if the man/Dom had offered to introduce our heroine to the lifestyle?


What if the man were richer than most people on the planet? What if the heroine were brave enough to follow up on his bold proposition?


What if the experience were more profound than either could have imagined?


I had more fun writing this story than almost anything else I’ve ever done. (And what a follow up to the Clandestine Classic offering—Jane Eyre! From Victorian England to the Wild West!)


It was wonderful to let my imagination run wild, to have the hero send a limo to collect my heroine for a night at a very exclusive club. The way Phillip dresses, behaves, moves through the world is elegant. He’s a Dom among Doms.


I hope you have fun indulging in YOUR fantasies, no matter what they are! (Can’t wait for the real-life Dom to read the story to see what he thinks of the new ending to his elevator story!)



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