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Hot Spot Hot Snog!

Well hello folks, It's my turn to blog here again and today is a Sunday. This is brilliant news because it means you get an introduction to my weekly Sunday Snog!

Every week  for the last 15 months or so I've run my Sunday Snog which brings authors together and provides you, the reader, with lots and lots of hot kissing excerpts.

I'm a big fan of the kiss, I love to read them and I love to write them. So some stray spark of inspiration had me set up a weekly event that feeds my need for lip-locking action. And it took off in a big way. We're up to Sunday Snog number 54 this week and we've had several special Blisse Kiss events too which involve all the authors taking part giving away a prize, they're always great fun.

So, as it's Sunday Snog day today I'm going to share with you a kiss from Switching the Control my latest Total-E-Bound release which you can currently get with a 10% discount!

“Fuck, Melissa,” he gasped. “You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed, pulled my gaze from his and manoeuvred myself so that my hands were either side of his head. It changed the friction between us. I grunted my approval and I didn’t care that it was an unladylike sound. I didn’t care and I continued to grunt and moan and pant and he liked it.

He stroked my back and sides and made deep, growling sexual noises that spurred me on, kept me rocking on him. I felt like part of him, I felt like he was part of me and I didn’t ever want to pull away but I could tell by the way his hips began to bump faster and faster that he was close. His sexy noises became louder, a littler higher in pitch and more desperate in their resonance. He gripped my hips. His fingers curled until his nails dug into my flesh.

“Yes,” I yelped. The pain heightened my pleasure and he came shouting my name and drowned out my words. Richard stiffened his hips and I continued to rock back and forth as he shook and shuddered in orgasm. His grasp loosened and I slipped down onto the cool of the bedcover beside him.
“You,” he panted. “You didn’t come.”

“I’m fine.” I smiled, and I was. I was surprisingly satisfied by his pleasure and as much as I still ached for more I didn’t feel like I’d missed out on something. In fact, I knew that I’d just experienced something incredibly deep and intimate and that scared me. I was beginning to form excuses in my mind, reasons to leave. I started to panic, but he stopped me.

“Well, I can’t have that.” He rolled over and ran his hand down over my stomach and into the fuzz of my pubic hair. “I want to see you come.”
“Oh, it’s nothing you’ve not seen before.” I giggled and covered his hand with my own. “And it’s getting late. I shouldn’t…”

His lips came down on mine and stole the end of the sentence from me. He slipped his finger down to my clit and softly rubbed, all the time kissing me and draining me of all resistance. I couldn’t think, so I didn’t have time to panic about exposing too much of my soul to him. I had to kiss him back, respond to his enthusiasm. It didn’t take much to push me over the edge. I’d been teetering on it since he’d gone down on me. He kept kissing me as my climax shuddered through me and he ate the groans that burst from my lips to his, as I shook and clamped my thighs around his hand.

“There.” He smiled. “That’s better.”

Pick up your copy of Switching the Control for more hot snogs and office BDSM action. For more Sunday snogs check out and I hope to see you visiting my snogs in future!

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