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Phantom - Hot or Not

I happened to be doing some research on the Clandestine Classics, since I have one of my own. I got to work with Gaston Leroux and gave The Phantom of the Opera added heat.

I love to see what others are saying. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it's painful. One thing that stuck with me as I researched was the comment that the CC authors added porn to the books. Hm. I have a teensy issue with that. I realize not everyone who comes in contact with erotic romance will agree with me that there is romance in the heat. Some will look at it and call it porn. IMHO porn is an erotic act without emotion behind it. "She's faking it so it looks hot for the people watching the act." Is that always the case? Maybe. Maybe not. But to label erotic romance as porn is lumping the genre in with things it's not. Just because Raoul spanks Christine doesn't mean it's porn. They are acting out the emotions they have for each other and the play includes spanking. I can't stand the term mommy porn and I wish people who like to use that term would educate themselves on what erotic romance is. Beating your chest and shouting Mommy Porn to me is like admitting you don't really know what you're talking about but need something to shout.

Another thing I've seen is that 'everyone has to read them so don't screw with them'. Now maybe I went to a school where we did things differently, maybe in college I missed a few days because I *Never HAD* to read Phantom. I did because I wanted to. I never had to read Pride and Prejudice. No one required it, so I didn't. I have since, but when I was in 10th grade, I didn't have to read it. It wasn't required, as someone stated it should be. So there will be new people brought to the Classics because of the CC books.

The other thread I keep seeing is that the CC authors 'ruined' the classics. Are you sure? I'm still of the belief that people who wrote books during the time of Phantom also wrote dirty books. They wrote erotica. Were they the same authors? Not necessarily, but it was out there. And guess what? Those who chose to write hot, weren't given the same applause as the ones who didn't. Heck, there were women writing under men's names so they could get published! So to say we've ruined them by taking the stories in a hot direction doesn't hold water. Then the zombie version, the vampire version and every other variation should be trashed in the same way the CC books are. But they aren't.

Here's my take. I enjoyed letting the characters in Phantom do what they wanted between the sheets. In fact, it's hard to believe that characters living and loving in the Opera were snow white in their actions. It doesn't make sense. But we don't have that in the classic novel. So? If you want the original, read the original. If you want to widen your horizons and try the hotter version, then read the CC books. You might be offended or you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Do I seem a little hot under the collar about these books? I am. Why? Because fiction is fiction for a reason. It was born out of someone's imagination. Let that imagination run wild. You never know what you'll find. I'm not the first person to make Phantom hot. I won't be the last. Some want Raoul to get the girl, others want Phantom to get her. Changing the ending can be seen as the same sacrilege as letting them get hinky. So live, let live and let the kink have it's day. You might be surprised and find an author you want to read more about.

Now here's a little bit more about my take on The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux and Wendi Zwaduk
m/f, bdsm, spanking, multiple partners
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The Classics Exposed…

A chance sighting at the Opera, fated love, and three lives in turmoil.

One man pledges to own her, while another wants her heart. The Opera sets the stage for romance and intrigue. In the catacombs below the building lives a man rife with sorrow and passion. The Phantom. But he’s not content to live alone. He wants to possess the one woman who can set him free.

His Christine.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny doesn’t believe the rumours of a Ghost living below the Opera. He only has eyes for Christine, his childhood friend and first love. Together they embark on a sensual journey of discovery and fiery desire.

But she can only have one man. Will love raise her up or tear their world apart?

~ ~

Want to know more about Wendi Zwaduk? Here you go:

I always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I earned a BA in education at Kent State University and currently hold a Masters in Education with Nova Southeastern University.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer.

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