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What do you mean, is there a Happy Ever After?

Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight.

Has that covered everyone? Well, hello, my name is Sue Brown. I'm a brand shiny new author with TEB, although I've been around for a couple of years with *whispers* other publishers. I have a new novella, Tumbling Blindly, coming out with TEB in early 2013, set around a gym in the London area. I have a first of the month blogspot, here on Hitting the Hot-Spot.

So Happy Ever Afters, HEAs, your Barbara Cartland moment... whatever floats your boat. People want their HEA, and they feel pretty damn cheated if they don't get one. Before you ask, yes, Tumbling Blindly has an HEA. 

Recently I've been watching a lot of gay films. Once every few weeks I park myself on my friend Jason's settee, and we watch four or five films. I'm embarrassed to admit that for someone who writes kitchen-sink books I love my sappy gay films. If you want to keep up with what I've been watching, I update my Pinterest board regularly.

One of my favourite directors is Rob Williams. If you watch gay films then you may know him from Make the Yuletide Gay or Role/Play. I was reading an interview from him where he said he is often criticised for giving his films happy endings.  

Isn't that ironic? Is it because we're catering to a different audience? Well, you could say that Rob is catering to the gay community and m/m romance is catering to women. You could say that. I don't. I think we all cater to a varied audience. If you ask most authors they have a wide variety of readers.

Personally, I believe there is room for all endings in our genres. And we are lucky to have such a fabulous broad spectrum of sub-genres. I love Rob's films for the sheer joy in his story-telling. I love authors for their HEAs. Think of Stolen Summer by S.A. Meade. But there is also room for the Happy For Nows and bittersweet endings. I'd love to know what you think. Do you demand an HEA?

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RJ Scott said...

HEA all the way for me... There is room in our huge range of books for all kinds of endings but I just love the idea that there is *the one* for all of us...

I know, I am a sap... ROFL

Sage Marlowe said...

It really depends on the book and the writing, I'd say. If a story is well told and the plot is interesting but just doesn't lean itself to a happy ending, then I'd say it's better to stick with where the story goes than to try to give it an ending that doesn't fit. Best example: Brokeback Mountain. I love the film, yet at the same time I hate it because it's so sad. And still, it ended just the way it had to.