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Covers to not die for

Lately I am struck by the "50 Shades of Grey" covers. Okay, I do get it. Those new to reading erotica don't want those in the doctor's offices to know what they're reading. But please, have we not gotten to the point in our female liberation when we can declare what we like to read?
Is this not akin to declaring to our partners what we like in bed?
I think so.
I remember so well the Bad Old Days of Concept Covers, meaning Georgia O'Keefe flowers, et al. Budding flowers, for godssakes.
Now we have truth in advertising and suddenly, bam, we're back to grey and plain stuff. Ties and champagne glasses for cover art?
Give me a man. Or a woman. Or both. Or many of each!
What do you think?
To grey-scale or not?
To concept or calling a spade/ drawing a spade as a spade?
(And below is one of my FAVE COVERS from TEB, FOR HER HONOUR. A spade. A blade! YUM!)


Scarlett Parrish said...

I actually like those grey-scale covers. They're simple. I don't like covers that are too fussy. In fact, I often say that on my own cover art forms!

However, the disadvantage is, now everyone associates them with that damn book, and thinks you're either new to erotica, or ashamed of it.

It's like EL James has taken a classy cover design and made it embarrassing, if that makes any sense.

Now if anyone asks what I'm reading on my Kindle, I say "A dirty book." And if they ask "Is it that Fifty Shades book?" I give them a look that could turn them to stone, heh heh...

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Turned to stone. Love it.
I do the same whenever anyone asks. I even say, it's the reason I bought an iPad. They look at me weirdly. That's okay, too!