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Fictional danger

Anyone reading erotic romances can’t miss the amount of strong, (more than) slightly dangerous and absolutely dominant alpha males occupying the stories. Seeing their popularity, they must hit a very warm spot in many a reader’s heart. Although such heroes rank extremely low on my list of personal favourites, in a way I can understand what’s so appealing about those specific fictional characters.

It’s all just fantasy. Deep in our hearts most of us know that those erotic romance heroes would be a disaster to live with in reality. I mean, anyone else who thinks that a real life Christian Grey would likely end us in a crisis centre for battered women, waiting until there’s a specialised therapist available to undo at least some of the damage? If we’re lucky, that is.

And yet, if there ever is a place to safely explore the dangerous site of erotica and “love” without getting us mangled, it’s in the stories we read. But once we close the book, or turn off the e-reader, we return to the real world, knowing that some things are not meant to be for a very good reason. 

S. Dora

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