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Ghostly Encounters With A Spirit of Love

It's that spooky time of the year, and everyone loves a good scare. Do you like to visit places that are supposed to be haunted, or watch shows about paranormal researchers? Perhaps you thought it would be exciting to try and capture your own evidence of spirit hauntings. One of the easiest things to do if you don't have a lot of money to invest in fancy infrared cameras and such, is to try and record EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena - more commonly known as "ghost voices".

I've done that with my hubby on a few occasions, and we've had some interesting results. The town where I live is very historical, and there is a small graveyard nearby called the "Pioneer Cemetery". The stones date back to the 1800's, and there is one rather large tomb that is covered in ivy with an old rusty door, and a cross cut out of the cement encasing the structure. One time when we went there with a small recorder, and after asking about one of the people on the tomb, we were able to hear the whispered words "Come to me". Since we were the only people there, and it was clearly a woman's voice speaking underneath mine, we were quite intrigued.

I've had other instances too - once in a very haunted old building where I used to work and many people had independently reported strange happenings. In this case, I left a recorder running on the steps to the attic where most of the people I spoke with had experienced startling things, and when I came back to check on it, it had been shut off after only a few minutes of recording. The batteries were fine, and when I played it back, I heard footsteps on the stairs, some fumbling around the microphone, and then it was shut off. It just so happened I was alone at the time in a locked building, and there was no access to the steps except by breaking in the front and going right past the door to my office. Creepy.

On October 29th, my MMF menage story "A Spirit of Love" will be released here at Total-E-Bound, and it features three paranormal investigators trying to figure out why a very cranky ghost is terrorizing the owners of an old Victorian mansion. One of them, Sophie, is a medium, and she discovers some very kinky secrets about the departed spirit, and that the randy spectre is interested in getting to know her better - a lot better. But her partners, Martin and Emilio, won't let the ghost have his way, for they're very protective of her. I've included a hot little excerpt here, and on a side note, if you can't wait until the 29th, sign up for the VIP program at TEB, and you can download A Spirit of Love right now - plus you'll get it at a discount! Happy haunting...I mean reading.

She reached the top and felt pulled to the right . There was a long hallway with a closed door at the end of it. She knew immediately that this was where she was being led. Her heart beat faster. Fully connected to whatever it was that was there, Sophie had a brief thought that it couldn’t possibly be the spirit they were investigating. For the closer she got to the door, the faster her heart beat—not in fear, but like the anticipation of meeting a long-lost lover. She couldn’t wait to grab the door handle and push her way through, feeling as though her soulmate were on the other side.

She opened the door into complete darkness. All of the shades were tightly drawn. It seemed as though the new owners hadn’t got to this room yet. It had a dank musty smell as if it had been shut away for years. With just a little of the natural daylight from the hallway seeping into the room, Sophie slipped inside and stood still. She listened to the thrum of her heart thumping in her ears and waited to see if the spirit would try to come through her.

“Oh,” she gasped. The entity had completely caught her off guard—absolutely nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

She was getting turned on. The energy coming through her was warm and sexual. Her nipples hardened immediately, and she was mortified to realise that her panties were getting moist from her desire. Her first instinct was to shut herself off and run. But she let it go since there didn’t seem to be any sense of threat or danger.

She allowed the spirit to continue to connect with her. There was a name, but she couldn’t get it. The entity seemed to have one and one thing only on its mind. It had obviously been a long time since whoever this was had got laid. She was able to discern that it was male, and very…kinky. She could feel rough natural ropes around her wrists and ankles, and she felt as if she were splayed wide open and naked.

What am I being tied to?

It was a large canopied bed, one that used to be in the very room she was standing in. She was experiencing intense arousal and a willingness to be restrained by this man. He stood over her prone body, something in his hand. It was a riding crop. He teased her aching flesh with it, circling her nipples, tickling the inside of her sensitive thighs. A loud snap, and a sting  on one nipple.

“Ow!” she cried.

But, inside, she wanted more. She wanted the snap of his whip on all of her most tender areas. He obliged, and a strike hit the tip of her other nipple, the sharp pain immediately switching to intense pleasure. There were more flicks of her nipples with the riding tool, then light slaps on the insides of her legs, moving higher and higher until she received a harsh whack on her clit.

“Oooh!” she yelled as she jerked at the unexpected sensation. This was becoming crazy, yet she kept getting wetter and wetter. It was so out of the ordinary, not only because she had never sexually interacted with a ghost before, but also because she was not into BDSM at all, yet, here she was craving his next harsh ministration.

The walls of her pussy were swelling, readying for an intrusion that she found herself begging for.

“Please…” she whispered.


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