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The voices in my head

Yeah, I know this sounds crazy. Being a writer probably means that you're a little bonkers by default. But that's just how it is, I guess.

Working on several stories at the same time means I am currently sharing the space in my head with quite a number of characters: there's Lawrence (the mastermind behind an insanely popular graphic novel series who now has a stalker on his hands), his new girlfriend Ellie (she's a quiet one, but sassy, and these two have really got chemistry). They share a story with a lovely young gay couple, only recently moved in (these two are so sweet together, I can't stop watching them). There's also a slightly crazed Victorian inventor and his new housekeeper (this is another story - they're trying to solve a mystery but keep getting distracted) and, popping in and out as if by magic, a medieval Scottish witch and her English lover (who've got a little border skirmish on their hands).
Seriously guys, how is a girl supposed to concentrate with all those voices babbling, shouting and whispering in my head at the same time, demanding that I writer their story first?

I'm going back to writing someone's story now. Let's see.... Maybe it's time for a trip to Scotland today...

I've sadly neglected my own blog over the last weeks, but I can more frequently be found on Facebook nowadays. Join me if you like. I'll be back here next month on the 19th.

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