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Crazy in Texas! So little time, so many addictions to serve--including the US election...which ends, thank you, today.

Aside from the fact that I keep buying books that clog up my iPad faster than hair in my sink drain (blech!) I am crazy with work.
And it is not even the holidays.
And we are expecting our first grandchild (and I cannot stop buying baby clothes for which I need a 10 Step Program!)
I am trying to finish a new novel.
I have a new puppy.
I love to cook each night.
I have committed to going to the gym more often...just so I can drink wine at night...and stay in some sort of shape!
I have 5 blogs to keep up with. (Or...God. Are there more?)
Promotion on Loops. (They grow like Topsy!)
I have trouble keeping my EXCEL spreadsheets up to date.
I can and do spend money on people and things I love. (See previous note on buying baby clothes!)
 Also add please:

  • luncheons with friends. (DESIREE HOLT, you know who you are!)
  • new lingerie (another 10 Step required here, please send meeting times!)
  • dinner parties with friends (neighbors, political pals and whomever would like to come on over!)
  • all the volunteer work I am doing during this political campaign! (No need to send a 10 STEPPER over for this addiction. I am incurable. Had it since my mother, who was a Republican, took me to stuff envelopes for her candidate when I was 8 years old—and my DAD, who was a Democrat, took me to his own local meetings for the great speeches. And then I worked at the DNC Hdqtrs. in Washington. So did hubby. Yeah. Do not bother trying to cure me here...but I will be awake all night until The Announcement Nov. 7 early a.m.)
Come visit me at where you will learn what I do when I do not do the above.

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