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Grateful for ebooks

Today in the States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving. This typically means obnoxiously huge meals (yes, I am cooking one too - and loving every dish!), eaten with an amazingly large group of family and friends, then crashing hard to rest for the unbelievable sales the following day (of which I'm not participating in this year). 

It's also the time we openly share those "things" we're thankful for. Things that have shaped us, helped us, made a difference in our lives in some way or another. 

Here, today, with you, I'd like to share something I'm very grateful for: ebooks. 

Okay, chuckling aside, the advent of technology and ebooks, has been such a boon to so many readers and writers. 

Think about it. 

Even as little as a decade ago, most people went to a physical book store to purchase books. Let's say they went to the romance section. If they wanted a book with a little more paranormal activity, they had to hope those themed books were popular at the time. If they wanted a book with a bit more humor, again, it all depended on what the major publishers deemed "popular." And mostly, if they wanted to find some great, juicy erotic reads - m/f, m/m, or any other flavor, chances were they'd be completely out of luck. Bad news for so many readers.

Bad news for writers as well, for all of us out there who enjoy pushing the envelope or simply writing what's in our hearts. With ebooks, our light can shine brightly and securely. Finally. 

So today, I can write about demons or orgies or multiple partnered relationships, and know that somewhere out there, there are readers looking for books that are exactly what I've written.

No matter what your country, this is a day to be thankful -- for our own personal careers and those who love what we write. 

Thank you
~Ensnare yourself in love

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Tis true! There is always something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!