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More Classics Exposed

Too much fun! I was recently interviewed by Fox 35 in Orlando / WOFL-TV. My interviewer was the affable and charming Chase Cain.

The experience was nothing like I thought, and more fun than I imagined.

I spent a crazy day at the mall beforehand, buying a new outfit (I could hardly show up in the clothes I wear for writing!) and getting a makeover. (Fox didn’t provide makeup, so I found an artist at MAC who gave me tips for television.)

I did the interview remotely, from the Fox studios in Denver, Colorado. I was concerned about the downtown parking situation, especially in what I have now dubbed as my “Sierra” pumps. They’re black and taller than most skyscrapers. But I needn’t have worried. The station has a parking garage for guests and employees. It was fun seeing news trucks! Before being admitted to the garage, you have to talk to a security guard through a metal speaker.

Once parked, I took an elevator to the spacious lobby and signed in. The lobby had lots of glass, couches, and, the coffee table book was a guide to hiking all of Colorado’s Fourteeners (mountains that are over 14,000 feet tall, and some of which I have climbed!).

It was an interesting wait in the lobby for Linda Kicak, the energetic woman who was my Denver contact. Linda was extremely efficient, professional, and, as I’m sure she is every day in the new business, busy. The Denver station was preparing to hire some interns, so there were several young, energetic journalism students there with me, dressed in their best and sizing each other up.

Coordinating a remote is complicated and time-consuming. Sarita Kichok at Fox in Orlando set the whole thing up, arranging schedules for me in Denver, Linda in Denver, the cameraman, Total-E-Bound in England, and Chase Cain in Florida. (I can't imagine being that efficient!) She had to be flexible, constantly checking in with everyone's schedules. 

My lovely assistant, Whitney, went with me, and I was glad to have her along! Nerves started to assail me, and as the time dragged on, I was ready to offer to come back another day. Whitney kept me calm and focused.

Finally, Linda came down to the lobby for us and escorted us to the Green Room. They were trying to find a cameraman and get things ready on the Orlando side. Technology is wonderful, but I can’t imagine the logistics of having people coordinating schedules in two different states!

There room itself was cozy with a small couch and a couple of arm chairs. There were also a couple of salon-type of chairs, a couple of large mirrors with lighting around them, a curling iron. We watched television, I re-read the notes I’d prepared in advance, and my nervousness grew.

Finally, Linda collected us from the Green Room, and we followed her through the news studio. Two things struck me. First the room is enormous. Second was the stunning number of desks. It was much grander than I imagined. But I didn’t get interviewed in the big studio. Whit and I were escorted to a room that could more accurately be described as an office, with padded chairs.

Once we moved from the Green Room, my nerves settled down. (Well, really, I had a lot to do concentrating on not falling off my heels on the wooden studio floor, especially with all the wires around!)

I knew in advance that Chase would be on the phone, but it was a bit of a surreal experience to realize it was a speakerphone on the table to my left. I faced straight ahead, toward the camera. Whitney fixed my hair and continually reassured me that the mascara was still on my eyes! The cameraman placed a mic on the lapel of my brand new blazer, we did a sound check, Whitney took a place near the cameraman, and finally, finally, we were ready…And Orlando had some trouble at their end.

Now my nerves increased tenfold. I was again tempted to send Whitney to find Linda with my offer to come back another day!

Finally, we got started. There was no chit-chat. I’d watched videos of Chase beforehand and followed him on Twitter, and I knew he was fun and professional, and that’s exactly what I found. (I think he’ll go far!)

It was bizarre, though, facing a black camera. I’m sure it takes some getting used to! Chase Cain’s voice was beside me, and the most difficult part of the interview for me was looking straight ahead and not turning my head to look at the phone.

The interview lasted somewhere between five and ten minutes, and I think I ended up with five seconds of air time. Of COURSE I wish I had sounded better. Whitney had a good laugh that I was trying to be euphemistic and kept saying “behind closed doors.” And in the Clandestine Classics we are opening doors. Later she teased me, “Open door, closed door, open door, closed door.” Thank goodness my doors ended up on the cutting room floor!

Anyway I had so much fun with the interview.  The final video is lighthearted, and entertaining.Claire Siemaskiewicz is the CEO of Total-E-Bound Publishing, and Clandestine Classics was her idea. (This woman is one of the smartest people II have ever had the fortune to meet.) She also participated via phone, from England. She sounded quite polished and intelligent. I’d do this again in a heartbeat—minus the nerves.

Here’s a link to the video. I hope you think it’s as charming as I do! (With thanks, again, to  Fox 35 in Orlando / WOFL-TV) 

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Ranae Rose said...

I watched your interview, Sierra - you did wonderfully! :)