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All I want for Christmas ...

... is peace on earth and a sex ed course. See, I recently read this article and it struck me that the writer is absolutely right: we know next to nothing about our own anatomy. I think, in the wake of the whole Fifty Shades thing more people are interested in the kinky side of sex - and that's good. However, it's also taking the second step before the first.

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I mean, our culture is generally so uptight that, while we have images of absolutely everything available on the internet, much of the human anatomy is  still regarded as x-rated and kept hidden. So, how, I'm asking you, how is a person supposed to find reliable information? Because really, while the porn industry is selling us all kinds of information, much of it is just as fictional as the stuff I write.
That's why I want a sex ed class for X-mas. Preferably one for everybody.
What's on your list?

I know I've shamefully neglected this blog for months (sorry sorry sorry!), but hopefully I'll be back on the 19th of January. In the meantime you can frequently find me on Facebook or on my own blog.

Happy Holidays!

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