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Do Erotic Romance Authors Have More Fun?

     A male friend of mine asked if people (male people specifically) look at me differently when I tell them I write erotic romance. I suppose some do, but people who really know me are never too surprised. It's not because I constantly talk about sex, or act overtly sexual, or even dress particularly provocatively. I think it's because I've always done my own thing and never worried too much about what other people think. If something is right for me, it's right.

     That's not to say that I don't care about others' feelings. I do - probably to a fault, but their opinions of my personal choices matter very little to me. So, the idea that I'd choose to write in a genre that some people find shocking or scandalous neither shocks nor scandalizes the people who know and love me for who I am.

     The question remains, do they look at me differently? Maybe in the sense that they wonder how many of the things I write about I've actually done. Am I writing from personal experience? Do I think about sex around the clock? Am I an insatiable nymphomaniac? 

     I wonder if anyone ever asks science fiction writers if they've actually traveled outside our solar system or interacted with aliens. My guess is they have not, but I'd be willing to bet they sure do dream about it ;-)

                                                                                  xoxo ~Gabrielle

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Barbara Elsborg said...

It's funny isn't it, how interesting we become when asked what we write. I came through American immigration the other day and he asked me what my job was. Writer - says I. I hoped he'd ask what I wrote but maybe something told him not to.