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Here is wishing everyone on Hitting The Hot -Spot a very happy Christmas! If you got a new e-reader in your stocking (you lucky thing, you) make sure you check out Total-E-Bound's, FREE page. Here you can get a taste of author's voices without spending a penny, then if you enjoy you can get a longer read to snuggle up in front of the fire with. I've got a steamy short story nestled here too, Unhealthy Obsession, I hope you check it out!

And if you head over to Amazon you can download a copy of MORE for FREE (until 29th Dec) and whet your appetite with the first two chapters of  THAT FILTHY BOOK written by myself and Natalie Dae.

Also if you hit the button below you'll be able to find out about a clandestine project I've been keeping under wraps and a ton of other classic goodies to tempt you!

Eat, drink, read and be merry!!

Lily x


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