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Fun, fun, fun!

Last night, at dinner, talk turned to New Year’s resolutions. People shared their goals about getting healthy, fit, organized, losing weight.

I think I shocked everyone by saying I’m going to drive a little bit faster, eat more chocolate, and drink a little more wine. (Obviously, I believe in setting realistic goals!)

My resolutions, which made people laugh, were meant seriously. Often, I take life too seriously. I’m in a hurry to get everywhere, get things done, juggle a million tasks at once. (I’m sure you can’t relate! LOL)

So for 2013, I want to have a little more fun. Read more. Relax more. Enjoy more. I’m not entirely sure I’ll have any more success with my resolutions than I have in years past, but for me, this intention speaks to the really important things.

Losing that last five pounds isn’t as important to me as spending time with my loved ones. Laughing is more important than washing the sheets. After all, I think, enjoying life matters most. 

Lots of love, Sierra

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