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Medievals are like a box of chocolates! Things up with which I will not put!

I'm into medievals lately and while I can say there are not many out there that truly meet the historically accurate litmus test, enough do that I have gotten my taste of:

  • skullduggery by villain, clerics, moneylenders, bands of forest creatures (!)
  • piety by evil nuns (?)
  • heroes who truly are the cats' meows (!!)
  • heroines who know how to wield a knife, a bow, a spoon (yeah, baby)
  • heroines who know how to satisfy a lusty hero, get up and catch a thief or find a murderer
  • heroines who can take a bath gracefully, survive deprevation of many kinds and still climb into bed, a bit sore for the efforts.

Like most historicals, medievals appeal to me for the escapism. And for the verisimilitude.
But there are some things up with which I will not put:

  • heroes who don't take baths
  • heroes who don't take baths before taking their ladies to bed
  • heroines who don't seem to mind that he just took off his chain mail that he's worn for...oh...months!
  • dinner that is eaten from plates (anachronisms R US)
  • appointments that are so lavish, the mind reels (ex: carpets in the castle, glass in the windows)
  • men who are very tall (Vikings, anyone?).

Got any you want to share?

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