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What noise does an orgasm make?

“What’s this rhythmic thumping against my wall?”

That’s me, awakened in the middle of the night, by some unexplained rat-tat-tat coming from the neighboring apartment.

And if your mind is as dirty as mine is, your imagination probably leaps to one spot lickety-split: Hot. Sex.
Yet this is my modus operandi. I enjoy finding inspiration in what are normally banalities. The van rocking minutely in the parking lot at work? Probability is, someone’s getting lucky inside.

Someone ignores my call? Carnally engaged. And no other explanation will do.

At least in my overactive imagination.

Or, ever look at building at night, counting the lights that are on? How many of those people are shrieking with pleasure at the very same moment you’re surveying from the outside?

Voyeuristic? Slightly, I’ll admit.

But each and every one of these people has a story to tell. It’s my job—and your job—to find it.

What other scenarios have inspired you?

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