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A note from Elizabeth Lapthorne author of The Agency Series.

So January is almost finished and already that indulgent break over Christmas seems to be a million years away. One of the resolutions I made this year was to try and rest a bit more. Finding time in my days to go on walks, read that book or even just (gasp!) sit on the couch or in the sun and daydream. Sounds kinda simple, right? But with work crowding out every moment it can possibly grab, I tend to find sneaking time for myself harder every year.

The upside to forcing myself to stop and enjoy life is my imagination is brimming with ideas and characters. Lately I’ve been really enjoying my Agency series – full of guns and action, steamy romance and deadly villains. I’m stoked that I’ve got a number of releases coming up in 2013. I ended the year on a high note – New Year’s Eve saw the release of Passionate Immunity  and Passionate Vengeance is due for release on the TEB site Feb 11th.

Hopefully there’ll be plenty more to come – and I can have the bonus of having more energy because I’m taking time out and not just working myself to the bone.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2013 – full of spicy sex, daring adventures and maybe a few minutes to daydream when the mood strikes ;-)



Barbara Elsborg said...

The moment I try to relax, I think of something I need to do! No peace for the wicked rings true!

Elizabeth Lapthorne said...

I feel your pain, Barbara. I have a near constant To Do list. Every time I manage to cross a few things off, there's always more popping up. I try to tell myself I'd get bored if life were otherwise - but sometimes I wonder :)