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An Anniversary

January is a special month for me, especially within the past couple of years. January 17, 2011, to be more precise. That's the date my first story was published - and right here at Total E-Bound, I'm excited to say. The Deciding Factor, a MFM novel, took me the better part of two years to write. I spent countless hours rewriting and editing and starting over before I finally came to an end. It's the first book I truly wrote to the very end. I submitted, rewrote, waited, submitted again. When TEB offered a contract, I was naturally thrilled. To this day, this story moves me and when I go through the pages, I'm reminded of why I love this story and the characters so much, and will be forever grateful to TEB for allowing this tale to shine. 

Since then, I've written several more stories, for TEB and others, and the need to write is stronger than ever. I only have to squeeze in more time to write. Sleep is so overrated, if you ask me. 

In honor of my 2nd "I'm a published author" Anniversary, here's a sexy hot snippet from The Deciding Factor. I hope you enjoy.

Being with two men suddenly became a lot more complicated...

Reuniting with both a first love and a first lover within a matter of days is enough to make any girl’s head spin. Alycia Delaney is no exception. 
Sawyer Test and Luke Coldwell are best friends and each man wants Aly for himself. 
Leaving the choice to her, Aly opens door number three and decides they should embark in a summer-long ménage. 
But when talk turns into action, each participant is forced to question their impulsiveness, and Aly is left caught between the safety of a painful decision and the perils of following her heart.


Luke shook his head, his earlier smiling face replaced with determination. “I changed my mind. We can talk later. There’s something I have to do first.”
She watched, suspended, as Luke lowered his head and his mouth drew closer to hers.
Pull away.
Her breath caught in her throat.
Say something to break the mood.
Her tongue darted across her lips nervously.
Turn your head and—
Oh hell, what’s one kiss, after all? It’s not like Sawyer and I are exclusive. We haven’t even had our first date yet, well, this time around anyway. One kiss, that’s it. One kiss to get these damn butterflies out of my system and then its good-bye, Luke, for good.  
Contrary to her intentions, when their lips met, Alycia’s entire self went into complete meltdown. This was no sweet, pleasant “It’s good to see you again,” kind of kiss.
This kiss put a match to lighter fluid. Passion ignited between them so hot and fierce her head spun. She clutched his shirt to keep from falling over.
His tongue thrust into her mouth and she met him eagerly, clashing in a duel to see who could give the most pleasure. He tasted of dark coffee and sweet chocolate, a combination sure to be the death of her, pulling her deeper and deeper under the spell of his mouth.  
She yanked her arms from his grip and flung her hands behind his head, smashing their bodies closer, wishing the fire between them would melt away their clothes so they wouldn’t have to undress themselves.
Aly threw all she had into his kiss. Memories of how they’d been flooded her, mixing with the more experienced man Luke was now. Everything, all her thoughts and feelings and sensations, tumbled together into a new high. She sucked on his tongue and nibbled his lips. Nothing mattered but this singular moment in time. When he shifted his head to slide his mouth down her neck, she groaned, needing his lips back on hers. He answered by nipping the soft spot where her neck and shoulder met. She cried out, stilled a shivery moment as his tongue laved the bite, then tried to tug him back up to her mouth.
He pinned her against the wall and ran his hands over her body like a starving man. Her breasts ached, and her nipples stung from where he’d tweaked them through her blouse. His hand travelled down her body, over her hip and lower until he hooked her thigh over his leg. Without hesitating, Luke shoved his hand under her bunched up skirt and pushed aside her panties. He thrust one, then two thick fingers into her pulsing, wet flesh. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “You’re so wet. That’s it, baby. Go over for me, Aly.”
Luke spoke in a tone low and controlled, his heated words teasing whimpers from her throat. She wanted what his body promised with acute desperation. She rocked against his hand and cried out when his palm massaged her clit. His fingers twitched deep inside, touching places she’d never known existed, causing her to tighten in delirious anticipation. Within seconds she saw stars as a long overdue orgasm ripped through her body. His mouth crashed down on hers, swallowing her exuberant moans.
The sound of her name being called penetrated her fogged brain. She stiffened. It wasn’t Luke doing the calling.
“Shhhh,” Luke whispered and pressed closer, bruising her belly with his erection. She still had her leg draped over his and his fingers moved gently within her still-pulsing channel. She trembled and bit onto his shirt to keep from crying out again. 
“She’s not here,” Luke called out without letting her go.
Breathing hard, but as quietly as she could, she squeezed her eyes shut, thankful they were behind the screen. She could only pray whoever had walked in would turn around and leave. Fast. 
“Luke, is that you?”
      Aly froze in shock. Sawyer. Oh, dear God.

Here's to a great New Year!

Ayla Ruse
~Ensnare yourself in love

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