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Dare Me to get Invited?

I love invitations. Just looking at an invitation peaks my curiosity. What's the event? Who else is going? Food? Drinks? Outfits?

And once I get there, I'll probably spend half my time hoping something scandalous will happen, so I'll have something to tell my friends later. What better place for scandal than a party?

It's my love of invitations that gave me the idea for my series called, no big surprise here, Invitations. The first story, Now or Never, is about a woman who uses a borrowed invitation to get into a masked party. She has a mission--get back at a guy who overlooked her. She doesn't get revenge, she gets something much, much better.

What happened to the woman who gave up her invitation to the masked party? This new release, Dare Me, picks up where Now or Never left off. And it's available now. Here's a bit more about the story:

A hotel bed, two pairs of handcuffs, coils of rope and a body builder with a naughty plan—can Kitty Maar handle it all?

Kitty Maar’s secret identity as Kelly M—the ultra-adventurous sexploitation blogger—is the result of Kitty’s overactive imagination.

Her outrageous tales of hooking up with the hottest guys in DC, attending parties at the most exclusive addresses, and joining in on spontaneous ménages at political fundraisers are the talk of Washington. So when she makes plans with Damian Markos, he’s expecting a true sexual wildcat.

Damian’s secret plan is to surprise Kitty with an evening so intense it will test even her sexual boundaries. It isn’t easy coming up with something the city’s most notorious man-hunter might not have already done, but he has connections that run deep in DC’s inner circles.

Damian is determined to show Kitty that he’s the only man she needs to satisfy her every need. Kitty is crazy about Damian, but will she be able to accept the sexual challenge he has planned for her?
Reader Advisory: This book contains mild BDSM.

Hit here for an excerpt

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